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CCNA Routing & Switching Credential - H|CS
You Will Learn In This Course

Ipv4 ADDRESSING |IPV4 Saving Techniques | Cisco Router Introduction Theory |IP ROUTING Theory |DYNAMIC PROTOCOLS & DYNAMIC ROUTING Theory |OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First )Theory | Type of Tables in OSPF | Helpful Command use in LAB | EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)Theory: | HelpfulCommand use in LAB | HOW TO MANAGE CISCO DEVICES Theory: | Describe following terms: | IP SERIVCES DHCP | Packet Filtering via ACL
NTP | ADVANCE TOPICS | LAN Switching Technology |Bridge its Function |VLAN its Advantage
STP Convergence Components |STP Convergence Steps: |Network Device Security Configure and verify network device security features such as WAN Technologies |
Introduction of PPP its feature | Frame-Relay logical Topologies | Ipv6 | Ipv6 addressing | Ipv6 packet type | OSI (Open System Interconnection) TCP/IP

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