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•Important settings and adjustments
•Optimizing the EDIUS user interface
•Capturing and importing in detail (DV, HDV, AVCHD, DVD, Blu-Ray)
•Batch capturing
•Integration of EDIUS Hardware for in and output
•Several methods for restoring clips
•Bin functions in detail
•Preparing and sorting clips in the bin window
•Dynamic search functions in practice
•Important basics for editing and arrangement
•Advanced editing techniques
•3 and 4 point editing
•Tips for fast editing
•All trim functions in detail
•Creation of individual keyboard shortcuts

•Using and customizing of external Jog-Shuttles
•Quick Titler, layout and animation of titles
•Working with still images
•Optimizing of still images for EDIUS
•Exporting still images from your video
•Applying and working with video transitions
•Applying and working with video filters
•Creating custom filters and transitions
•Basic color correction
•Working with several sequences
•Voice over recording
•Improvement of audio recordings and noise reduction
•iZotope VST-plugins
•DVD- and Blu-Ray creation with chapters and multiple sequences
•Videostar VisTitle
•proDAD Mercalli and Vitascene




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