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Offensive Security Fighter Training is a security class with real world hands on experience, it is the only in-depth Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing Training that covers testing in all modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments

The program offers you a holistic security assessment methodology that goes beyond conventional attack vectors such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, DoS, etc. It equips professionals with necessary knowledge, tools, tricks and templates to successfully plan and execute a pen testing engagement. The program not only enables you to discover and exploit vulnerabilities but also demonstrate how to write Proof-of-Concepts and use post exploitation to prove your argument. It’s an advanced pen testing world where you are encouraged to explore and probably the only one where curiosity does not kill but empowers.

This certification adds value to the Information Security Professionals by giving them a practically oriented approach to the penetration testing. A successful completion of this Certification makes you eligible to appear for the most coveted and advanced certification for security professionals, Offensive Security Fighter  Certification.

Lecture 1:Penetration Testing With Kali Linux
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Lecture 2:Indroduction Kali Linux
Lecture 3:Finding File
Lecture 4:Services In Kali
Lecture 5:SSH Service
Lecture 6:HTTP Service
Lecture 7:Service Mangement
Lecture 8:Boot Persistence
Lecture 9:Bash Shell
Lecture 10:Scenario 1
Lecture 11:Scenario 2
Lecture 12:Essential Tools
Lecture 13:Necat
Lecture 14:Banner Grabbing
Lecture 15:Necat Chat
Lecture 16:Executing Commands
Lecture 17:Bind Shell
Lecture 18:Reverse Shell
Lecture 19:Ncat
Lecture 20:Wireshark
Lecture 21:Passive Information Gathering
Lecture 22:Google Search
Lecture 23:Google Hacking
Lecture 24:GHDB
Lecture 25:Active Information Gathering
Lecture 26:DNS Enumeration
Lecture 27:Forward DNS Lookup
Lecture 28:Reverse DNS Lookup
Lecture 29:Zone Transfers
Lecture 30:Connect Scanning
Lecture 31:Port Scanning
Lecture 32:SYN Scanning
Lecture 33:UDP Scanning
Lecture 34:Network Implications
Lecture 35:Nmap
Lecture 36:Traffic Accountability
Lecture 37:Network Sweeping
Lecture 38:OS Discovery
Lecture 39:NSE Scripts
Lecture 40:SMB Enumeration
Lecture 41:SMB NULL Sessions
Lecture 42:Enum4Linux
Lecture 43:SMB NSE Script
Lecture 44:SMTP Enumeration
Lecture 45:Vrfy Script
Lecture 46:Python Port
Lecture 47:SNMP Enumeration
Lecture 48:SNMP MIB
Lecture 49:SNMPWalk
Lecture 50:Vulnerability Scanning
Lecture 51:More NSE Script
Lecture 52:OpenVas
Lecture 53:Intro To Overflows
Lecture 54:Vulnorable Code
Lecture 55:Stack Overflow
Lecture 56:Windows BO Example
Lecture 57:Fuzzing
Lecture 58:Crash Replication
Lecture 59:Controlling EIP
Lecture 60:Introducing Shellcode
Lecture 61:Bad Characters
Lecture 62:Redirecting Exeution
Lecture 63:Introucing Mona
Lecture 64:Shellcode Payload
Lecture 65:Linux Bo Example
Lecture 66:Controlling EIP
Lecture 67:Locating Space
Lecture 68:First Stage Shellcode
Lecture 69:Locating Ret
Lecture 70:Generating Shellcode
Lecture 71:Using Public Exploit
Lecture 72:Finding Exploit
Lecture 73:Exploit-DB
Lecture 74:Fixing Exploit #1
Lecture 75:Fixing Exploit #2
Lecture 76:Cross Compiling
Lecture 77:File Transfers
Lecture 78:TFTP Transfers
Lecture 79:FTP Transfers
Lecture 80:VBScript Transfers
Lecture 81:Powershell Transfers
Lecture 82:Privilege Escalation
Lecture 83:Linux Root
Lecture 84:Windows System
Lecture 85:Windows Week Services
Lecture 86:Linux Week Services
Lecture 87:Client Side Attacks
Lecture 88:Replacing Shellcode
Lecture 89:Java Applets
Lecture 90:Web Application Attacks
Lecture 91:Local File Inclusion
Lecture 92:SQL Injection
Lecture 93:Authentication Bypass
Lecture 94:Error Based Enum
Lecture 95:Blind SQLi
Lecture 96:Attack Proxies
Lecture 97:SQLMAP
Lecture 98:Password Attacks
Lecture 99:Crunch
Lecture 100:PWDUMP
Lecture 101:WCE
Lecture 102:PTE
Lecture 103:Password Profiling
Lecture 104:Online Attack
Lecture 105:Medusa
Lecture 106:Ncrack
Lecture 107:Hydra
Lecture 108:Password Hashes
Lecture 109:Cracking Hashes
Lecture 110:LM /NTLM
Lecture 111:Port Fun
Lecture 112:Port Forwarding
Lecture 113:SSH Tunnels
Lecture 114:Dynamic Proxies
Lecture 115:ProxyChain
Lecture 116:Metasploit Framework
Lecture 117:AUX Modules
Lecture 118:SNMP Modules
Lecture 119:SMB Modules
Lecture 120:Webdav Modules
Lecture 121:Database Service
Lecture 122:Exploit
Lecture 123:Payload
Lecture 124:Meterpreter
Lecture 125:Meterpreter Action
Lecture 126:Additional Payloads
Lecture 127:Binary Payloads
Lecture 128:Multihandler
Lecture 129:Porting Exploits
Lecture 130:MSF Post Explitation
Lecture 131:Antivirus Avoidance
Lecture 132:Crypters
Lecture 133:Custom Tools
Lecture 134:Simulated Pentest
Lecture 135:Bruteforce
Lecture 136:Target Enum
Lecture 137:Cracking Hashes
Lecture 138:Vuln Assessment
Lecture 139:Exploitation
Lecture 140:Priv. Esc.
Lecture 141:Client Side
Lecture 142:Domain Priv. Esc.
Lecture 143:Tunneling In
Lecture 144:Backdoors
Lecture 145:Getting Interactive
Lecture 146:Breaking Citrix
Lecture 147:Getting Admin
Lecture 148:Domain Admin
Lecture 149: Find vulnerability & Exploit
Lecture 150: Bypass Antivirus
Lecture 151: Advance Wifi Hacking & Testing

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