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                  Digital Marketing Certification Training

    What is On-page Optimization
    Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner
    How to select Domain Name?
    Page Naming {URL Structuring} and Folder Naming
    Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation
    What are Meta Tags - Description, Keywords, Author, Country, Robots
    Redirection Tags
    Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
    What is Content Writing?
    SEO Friendly Content Writing {Insert keywords in content}
    Anchor Text, Link Title
    Robots.txt file use and creation
    HTML Sitemap creation
    XML Site Map Creation
    ROR text sitemap
    Site Tracking Tools (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool)
    Why is Alexa Rank Important?
    Alexa Integration

  What is Off-page Optimization?
    What are Backlinks?
    Why Backlinks are Important?
    How to Get Backlinks?
    Difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks
    What is Google Page Rank?
    How to increase Page Rank?
    Search Engine Submissions
    What is Content Writing?
    Directory Submissions
    Article writing and submissions
    Press Release writing and submissions
    Blog posting and comment writing
    Classifieds posting
    Forum Posting
    Business Listing
    Social Bookmarking
    Social Networking
    RSS Feeds
    Link Exchange (one way, two way and three way)

Session 3-Search Engine Algorithms (Part I)

    What is Search Engine Algorithms?
    How Algorithms Works?
    Why Search Engine need to update it's    Algorithm?
    Search Engine Penalties and  Recoveries.
    Why Search Engine penalize a website?

Session 4
Search Engine Algorithms (Part II)

    What is Google Panda Algorithm?
    What is Google Penguin?
    What is Google EMD Update?
    How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?
    How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?

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