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Advanced & Dangerous Hacking Training here.
Master the core Technologies of Cyber Security
0|Day Ethical Hacking | KLSFP - Kalu Linux Security Fighter Professional | Bug Bounty
Newly updated 0 Day Ethical Hacking | KLSFP | Bug Bounty Training in Washington, DC & San Diego, CA
Certified Ethical Hacker - Training & Certification

Advance Ethical Hacking KLSFP (KALU LINUX SECURITY FIGHTER PROFESSIONALS ) Training Advance Wireless Penetration Testing Android Application Penetration Testing IPhone Penetration Testing Bug Bounty Python Reverse Engineering Malware Analysis

Monday close Tuesday  9:30 pm - 6.00 am Wednesday   9:30 pm - 6.00 am Thursday  9:30 pm - 6.00 am  Friday  9:30 pm - 6.00 am  Saturday  9:30 pm - 6.00 am 

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Hacker Computer School is ready to transform you in a Cyber Warrior
Select a Security Certification as a weapon to upgrade your skills

We are going to provide all top grade security certifications under a single roof. Its an attempt to remove gap between theoretical style of education and bringing them to the live world of advanced ethical hacking.

Education and Training is one area where Hacker Computer School We have been providing education to lot many people...
At Hacker Computer School we are open to provide all sort of OutSourcing Services to Clients. Outsourcing is an allocation of specific business..

We value intrinsic motivation and self-direction, and believe people learn best when they're free to explore their passions and interests.

We look for smart, friendly, self-directed, and intellectually curious people who enjoy programming and want to get dramatically better.

The atmosphere here is friendly and intellectual. We have a gender-balanced environment, and lightweight social rule
We incorporate a progressive learning methodology which aids the comprehension of techniques and tools alike while facing newer challenges. We have a set of standard courses outlined in different information security domains. However, we also offer customized courses for candidates from diverse backgrounds with specific requirements. You get value for your investment with us through the courses conducted with exhaustive

Advanced Hacking Labs
We have put our experience into our Hacking Labs. These labs are designed to give an indepth view about hacking in real scenario. We take a deep dive covering all aspects of OWASP. Our special designed labs will help candidate to understand how to Pen Test an hardened network.
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